VFD Pro Reporting Suite

Take the short modules below to enhance your skills and understanding.

Enhanced Performance Reports

Business Overview

A simple yet incredibly detailed 2-page overview of business performance over the last two years, detailing sales, margins, overheads, net profit and net worth.

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Performance Analysis Report

A detailed overview of all of the key business performance metrics highlighting exactly what is happening within your client’s business. Help your client understand exactly how their business is really functioning.

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Customer Analysis

You would be amazed how many business owners simply don’t know how many customers they have, but by analysing transactions to identify new customers acquired and customers lost and the underlying trend over time, you can identify those whose client base is in decline.

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Management Report

Provides a wealth of highly relevant and valuable key performance indicators to help them make better, more timely management decisions.

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Business Growth Advisory

Business Growth Model

A simple, but powerful business planning tool. Not all inputs have the same impact on the output, but by using the Business Growth Model, you can quickly and easily help your clients understand what their potential future could look like and how you can help them make it happen.

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Customer Targeting Model

Using the Customer Targeting Model you will be helping your client maximise the value they deliver for, and take from their customers.

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Opportunity Exception Reports

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