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The Client Discussion Framework

Use the client Discussion Framework to guarantee SUCCESS in client meetings

A proven 7 step framework which delivers business and personal success to your clients

7 Step Framework Overview

1. Setup and Preparation

Start your meeting with clearly defined objectives and well-prepared data. The agenda should encompass pertinent discussion topics which give your client a comprehensive understanding of their present financial status and the potential for future growth. With this groundwork, you can effectively guide your client through the complexities of their financial landscape, helping them to appreciate the realities of their business while exploring avenues for growth and prosperity.

2. Understanding Aspirations

In the second phase of the meeting, it's crucial to understand the client's aspirations and align them with the existing business valuation. Discuss the business owner's vision for the next five years and establish what personal and business success looks like to them. This step allows you to tailor advice to their unique needs and ambitions, bridging the gap between current circumstances and their envisioned future.

3. Consider Key Issues

Here, prioritise discussions around key trends and issues which directly affect the business's future trajectory. By sifting through the 'clutter,' you ensure the dialogue remains focused on strategic, forward-looking actions. This process of distillation allows both you and your client to concentrate on the salient factors, facilitating more productive and focused conversations.

4. Capitalise on Profit Improvement

Guide the discussion towards potential enhancements in the Business Growth Drivers. Demonstrate how seemingly minor changes could bring about substantial impacts on profitability. This could include operational efficiencies, sales growth strategies, or cost controls. By clearly presenting these opportunities, your client can understand how each decision today might significantly influence their bottom line tomorrow.

5. Estimate Business Valuation

Highlight the direct correlation between increased profits and an elevated business valuation. Explain that these gains aren't simply numerical improvements but crucial components of wealth creation, aligning with their broader personal and business aspirations. Understanding this relation allows your client to see their business as more than just a revenue source but as a wealth generation vehicle.

6. Solvency and Working Capital

Stress the importance of cash flow management and how it plays a crucial role in sustaining and growing the business. Often, business owners may not fully grasp the ‘cash flow cycle’ and its implications. Use this opportunity to shed light on improving cash flow, ensuring solvency, and maintaining adequate working capital. Explain the potential risks of running out of cash and offer practical solutions to avoid such scenarios.

7. Scope and Proposition

Having explored the potential and painted a picture of a prosperous future, your client will likely be excited about the possibilities. Conclude your meeting by offering them a customised plan of action that directly addresses their business aspirations and financial objectives. Encourage them to seize the initiative and move forward with the plan. By demonstrating your expertise and commitment to their success, you foster a robust, trust-based relationship.

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