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Business Overview Report

A simple yet incredibly detailed 2-page overview of business performance over the last two years, detailing sales, margins, overheads, net profit and net worth.

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Performance Analysis Report

A detailed overview of all of the key business performance metrics highlighting exactly what is happening within your client’s business. Help your client understand exactly how their business is really functioning.

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Management Report

Provides a wealth of highly relevant and valuable key performance indicators to help them make better, more timely management decisions.

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What businesses are saying…

I now have a completely transparent 3-5 year plan for achieving my revenue objectives and what feels like an internal CFO on hand whenever the need arises. My accountant cares about my business growing, they care about it’s profitability and they don’t shy away from giving insight, advice and support, beyond a normal practice accountants remit.

I wish I had used them from day one. If I had, my businesses might well have been three to four times the size they are today. We live and learn.

Previously struggling with their accountant.

Performance Analysis and Reporting

VFD Pro totally automates the process of extracting data, analysis and reporting on business performance. This means you and your team don’t waste time, you go straight into delivering value that is valued and desired by clients.

Forecasting, Planning and Funding

As your client’s Advisor, finance and good business planning is key. Using VFD Pro’s incredibly detailed 3 Way Forecast and Planning you immediately become invaluable to your clients and raising funding becomes child’s play.

Increasing Revenue & Profits

Understanding the key trends in your client’s business before they do makes you and your team indispensable. Only by tracking ‘Inputs’ rather than ‘Outputs’ can go move from ‘Keeping Score’ to helping your clients grow.

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