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Practice ROI / Pricing

Tailored solutions to meet the needs of every client.

How many clients do you plan to help Survive, Thrive & Exit Successfully?

Businesses face common challenges as they progress through their lifecycle, but the needs of each business owner will be unique to them. To address these unique needs effectively, it is crucial to offer tailored financial management support.

VFD Pro will provide all the necessary reports and business planning models leaving your time free to work with your client. Not only will this benefit your client, it will also yield advantages for your practice and your team. Increased client engagement leads to more fruitful and long-term relationships.

The ‘ROI calculator’ provides an illustration of the potential return for your practice when adopting an advisory approach with a focus on the future.

Take a moment to review your client base, categorise them into four groups who are likely to benefit from the following services:

Simply enter the respective numbers in the boxes to calculate the potential ROI for your practice when delivering these services.

Focus on the future rather than reporting on the past

Enhanced management reporting to drive business improvement

Business growth strategies and forecasting future performance

Business valuation and supporting their exit planning