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Connect with ambitious Entrepeneurs to help them Survive, Thrive, Scale & Exit Successfully

Growing Your Numbers

A business education programme delivered by accountants, bookkeepers and advisors supported by the VFD Pro platform.

Two critical things all Business Owners need to know


The 7 Key Business Growth Drivers

Delivering the Financial Management for Business Owners (FiMBO) training will differentiate your accounting firm. Educate your clients on the 7 Key Business Growth Drivers with emphasis on the compounding effects of small improvements on profitability, cash flow, and business value. This approach will create opportunities for incremental fee income


How to Work ON the Business

Building your business is like depositing money in a bank. But when you want to withdraw your cash, you want to know your ‘investment’ is safe. When applied to your business, whatever your ultimate time scale, you need to make sure your business will allow you too extract the full value you have created, or put another way, you need to build an ‘Exit Ready’ business asap.

Financial Management for Business Owners

12 'bite-sized' modules detailing: How to Grow a Business

Each week explored one of the biggest challenges SMEs face. Delivered online and/or face to face, this is the ultimate strategy to:

  1. Add Value for existing clients = Increased Fees
  2. Introduce and Up-sell Advisory Services
  3. Engage with and convert ‘Leads’ into ‘Clients’
  4. Provide practical, on-the-job training for your team