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Deliver 'Finance as a Service' with the VFD Mastery Programme...

… Increase your RECOVERY RATE

Guide your clients towards a more profitable future, helping them Survive, Thrive, Scale & Exit Successfully


Support Clients from Start-up, to Scale-up, to Successful Exit

  • Focus client meetings on future growth & equity potential.
  • Deliver Management Information and regular Financial Review meetings.
  • Growth Planning to deliver Performance vs Forecast Reporting.
  • Support clients as their part-time FD / CFO.
  • Deliver ‘Finance as a Service’, helping clients also prepare for a successful exit?

Delivered over 14 weeks, two hours per week, (28 hours CPD), with unlimited use of VFD included at no extra cost for the duration of the training. Reattend as often as you like at no additional cost.

Investment: £1,796, payable in four monthly instalments of £449 for the first delegate, and £1,196, or four monthly payments of £299 for each additional person.

VFD Mastery Training comes with a 100%, unconditional, 90-day money back guarantee, so you take no risk and on completion, simply select the optimum VFD plan for your needs.

Up to 28 Hours of Certifiable CPD

Session Recordings + Client Discussion Guides Interactive Learning Management System

You want your CPD and training investment to deliver a return. Recent examples of ‘wins’ whilst on the 14 week programme (or shortly afterwards) include: 

  1. Existing annual accounts client upsold to a monthly management meeting. Practice value £955 per month.
  2. New client acquired.  Practice value £37,150 per annum.
  3. New client acquired.  Practice value £40,470 per annum.
  4. Assisted client prepare for exit.  Practice value £6,475 per month.

Join the VFD Mastery programme at any time

Every Wednesday or Thursday 1pm to 3pm (GMT)

Module 1

6 Hours CPD

Module 2

Management Reporting
8 Hours CPD

Module 3

Forecasting + Virtual FD/CFO
10 Hours CPD

Module 4

Exit Planning & Support
4 Hours CPD

Module 1: Compliance+

Future Focus & Potential for Growth Leading to Increased Fee Income

Module 1 covers everything you and your team need to know to deliver added value and execute your Compliance+ Strategy to increase fees, upskill your team and engage and upsell clients. The key topics covered include:

  • Using the VFD Pro Portal to add clients and generate the core collateral you will need
  • Using the Client Discussion Model to deliver a Future-Focused discussion with clients
  • Introduction to FiMBO (Financial Management for Business Owner Training Programme)
  • The Business Overview Report – So What Guides, VFD Academy, and the LMS
  • Adding Qualitative information to augment pure financial information to add more value
  • The client journey: Adding value, testing, and measuring to de-risk fee increases
Module 2: Management Reporting & Review Meetings

Module 2 is delivered in eight online sessions and builds on Compliance+ to give you everything you need to upsell and deliver comprehensive Management Reporting. This is typically delivered in conjunction with regular review meetings with clients. Key topics covered include:

  • The role of the Accountant / Advisor
  • Dissecting Revenue in 4 different ways: The Performance Analysis Report (PAR)
  • Below the line: Cost of Sales, Overheads, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow (PAR part II)
  • Trend analysis for Start-ups and volatile trading: The Performance Trend Report
  • Opportunities in the Existing Client & Supplier Base: Customer and Supplier Analysis Reports
  • Customer Exception Reporting and The Marketing ROI Reports
  • Business Growth Opportunity Analysis and Scenario Planning: The Business Growth Model
  • The Deep Dive – forensic financial analysis: The Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Monthly Management Reporting: The Board Summary Report &The Board Reporting Pack
  • Agree on the value before discussing price to focus on Return on Investment
  • Pricing and Options – Proposals – Setting Expectations – Resource Considerations
Module 3: Growth Planning, Forecasting, Part-Time FD/CFO

Module 3 builds on Modules 1 and 2 to give you everything you need to upsell and deliver Business Growth Analysis and Planning, Forecasting, Generating Funding Proposals and reporting Performance vs Forecast as part of your Part-Time FD/CFO Service. The key topics covered include:

  • The Role of the Accountant / Advisor – What it takes to provide Part-Time FD / CFO Services
  • Growth Potential and Business Planning: The Customer Segmentation Model
  • Building Your Clients Forecast (Profit &Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow – Years 1 to 5)
  • Scenario Planning and Funding For Growth – The CAMPARI Compliant Funding Proposal
  • Making the Extraordinary Ordinary – Identifying Issues and Reporting By Exception
  • Reporting Performance vs Forecast – the Monthly Management Cycle
  • The Finance Directors / CFO’s Business Planning Work Flow Process: What, When, How
  • Establishing the Value of the Part-Time FD Service vs the alternative options
  • Pricing – Proposals – Setting Expectations – Resource Considerations
Module 4: Exit Planning, Valuations, Financial Due Diligence

Module 4 builds on Modules 1 to 3 to go beyond financial management to provide everything needed to effectively help Business Owners plan for and prepare their business for exit. Regardless of the target exit date, running an Exit Ready Business makes good business sense. The key topics covered include:

  • The role and the rewards of Exit Planning and Becoming Exit Ready for owners and advisors
  • Establishing a Blended Business Valuation Using 7 Valuation Models and related assumptions
  • Preparing a comprehensive Financial Due Diligence Pack for buyers and/or sellers
  • Building Your Clients Exit Forecast (P&L, BS, Cash Flow, & Rolling Valuation – Years 1 to 5)
  • Reporting Business Value vs Target Exit Value as part of the Monthly Management Cycle.
  • Preparing the Owner and The Business for Exit – The Special Advisory Services (SAS) Team
  • Establishing the Value of your Exit Planning and Support Services
  • Pricing – Proposals – Setting Expectations – Resource Considerations