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Business Development

It is one thing to know how to help clients plan, forecast, report performance vs forecast and attend regular financial review meetings / holding to account meetings, but if you don’t have clients willing to pay for these high value services, you have a problem.

All too frequently New Client Acquisition to date has been fine, word of mouth provides a steady trickle of enquiries and many convert, but until you have been successfully providing high value, high fee income services for some time, you are unlikely to be getting the right referrals.

The Business Development sessions take place once every 4 weeks on a Friday between 1000 and 1100. The objectives are simple:

  1. To help you overcome any blocks or barriers you or your team might encounter engaging with, educating, and upselling existing clients, and…
  2. Helping you implement systems and processes to attract, (and ideally be introduced to), new potential clients of the perfect profile for higher value services.

The sweet spot? Established businesses turning over between £500K and £5M, run by an ambitious, open minded business owners who understand they need robust financial management controls.

These sessions are live, interactive and they are free to attend for firms using VFD Pro.