Choosing the Right Connection Type for Your Clients

From your initial conversation to reporting, forecasting and exit planning, select the optimum plan for your clients.

What level of support will you provide for clients?

    • Future Focused Discussions: use Compliance+
    • Full Management Reporting: use Advisor Lite
    • Planning and Forecasting: use Advise & Grow
    • Exit Planning and Support: use Grow & Exit

      Including in all plans at no extra cost:

      • Business Overview Reporting: use Business Overview
      • To Support Sales Discussions: use Business Development*

        *Demonstrate and discuss with clients / prospects – use the Business Development connection for 30 days for any client

        Reports & Analysis

        Grow & Exit

        Advise & Grow

        Advisor Lite



        How do you want to help your client?

        Exit Planning, Valuation & Due Diligence

        Growth Planning & Reporting

        Comprehensive Management Reporting

        Future Focused Client Meetings

        Monthly Overview


        Connection Cost (vol. discounts apply) 

        £100 / mo.

        £50 / mo.

        £10 / mo.

        £3.50 / mo.


        Enhanced Performance Reports

        Business Overview Report

        Performance Analysis Report

        Performance Trend Report

        Board Summary Report

        Board Detail Report

        Management Report

        Customer Analysis Report

        Marketing ROI Report

        Supplier Analysis Report

        Business Growth Advisory

        Client Discussion Model

        Business Growth Model  

        Client Segmentation Model

        Customer Targeting Model

        Forecast Model (by Customer)

        Forecast Model (by Nominal)

        Funding Proposal

        Performance vs Forecast Plan

        Non Financial KPI Model

        Business Data Model

        Opportunity Exception Reports

        Customer Exception Report

        Utilities Exception Report

        Telecoms Exception Report

        Exit Value Accelerator (EVA)

        Business Valuation Model

        Exit Planning Model

        Performance vs Plan

        Due Diligence Report

        Please note:

        • If you only want to use Compliance+ you can do so from £35 per month for 10 clients. See below for volume discounts.
        • The minimum monthly price to use the VFD Pro reporting and analysis suite is £35 per month. Click here for further details.
        • Unless otherwise stated all connections are provided on a 1 month rolling basis.
        • ‘Grow & Exit’ connections are provided on a minimum 12 month contract. Click here for alternative prices and options.
        • Annual payment benefits from a 20% discount on the annualised monthly rates.
        • All prices are subject to VAT.

        Connection Discounting : Compliance+

        Compliance+ PackagePackage Cost per Month
        10 connections£35
        25 connections£75
        50 connections£135
        100 connections£240
        200 connections£420
        400 connections£780
        401 + connectionsPOA

        Connection Discounting: Advisor Lite / Advise & Grow / Grow & Exit

        Number of ConnectionsDiscount Applied
        1 to 9 connections0%
        10 to 49 connections30%
        50 to 99 connections40%
        100 to 249 connections50%
        250 to 499 connections60%
        500 to 10,000 connections70%

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