Financial Management for Business Owners

Benefit from targeted financial control within your business.

12 Week Programme for Non-Finance Professionals

One of the primary reasons businesses fail is due to a lack of financial and managerial knowledge. The Financial Management for Business Owners programme is for ambitious business owners who want to maximise their business success to grow a successful, transferable/saleable business.

Is this for me? Discover why businesses fail and how to avoid repeating the mistakes made by others. Find out how achieving systematic growth is a marathon of small incremental improvements that are easy to achieve and which Key Performance Indicators to track and how to track them for effective management and short/long term success.

Each week we focus on one of the biggest finance challenges faced by SMEs.

  • 12. Performance vs Plan

    With all the planning done, prepare your 5 Year 3 Way forecast and regularly report ‘Performance vs Plan’ to systematically grow your business.

    Join us: Thursday 23rd September @ 2pm

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  • 1. How to grow your business

    Discover how small incremental improvements in performance quickly compound to deliver outstanding improvements in profit and equity value.

    Join us: Thursday 30th September @ 2pm


  • 2. Key Performance Indicators

    Identify the Key Performance Indicators that are critical for effective management and sustained and controllable business growth.

    Join us: Thursday 7th October @ 2pm


  • 3. Quick Win Cash Strategies

    Identify the opportunities for quick win cash generation and cost savings that are waiting to be exploited.

    Join us: Thursday 14th October @ 2pm


  • 4. Improving Cash Flow

    Effective cash management strategies are critical for sustained profitable growth, far too many profitable businesses fail for all the wrong reasons.

    Join us: Thursday 21st October @ 2pm


  • 5. Margin/Cost Control

    Before ramping up sales, it is crucial to ensure margins are optimised because the fastest way to increase profit is to optimise gross margins.

    Join us: Thursday 28th October @ 2pm


  • 6. Customer Attrition

    How engaged are your existing customers? Maximise engagement to improve customer retention and increase cross selling and referral rates.

    Join us: Thursday 4th November @ 2pm


  • 7. Gap Analysis / Cross Selling

    Sales up by 40%? What would that do for your business? 40% is the AVERAGE potential increase in sales businesses achieve, by satisfying ALL of their customer’s needs.

    Join us: Thursday 11th November @ 2pm


  • 8. Transaction / Transaction Value

    Total Number of Transactions x Average Transaction Value = Total Sales. These two KPI’s are incredibly important because improvement can be incredibly easy and achieved overnight.

    Join us: Thursday 18th November @ 2pm

  • 9. Customer Acquisition

    Having maximised sales and profitability from existing customers, what is the gap that remains to be filled by increasing lead generation and conversion, and hence new customer acquisition?

    Join us: Thursday 25th November @ 2pm

  • 10. Know Your Number

    Some business owners keep working longer than they should, but still more struggle to create enough equity value in their business to live the life they crave – do you know ‘Your Number’?

    Join us: Thursday 2nd December @ 2pm


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