Business Owners: Finance Training & Support

Benefit from targeted financial control within your business.

12 Week Programme for Non-Finance Professionals

Each week we focus on one of the biggest finance challenges faced by SMEs.

  • Quick Win Cash Strategies

    Identify the opportunities for quick win cash generation and cost savings that are waiting to be exploited.

    Join us: Thursday 29th April @ 2pm


  • Margin/Cost Control

    Before ramping up sales, it is crucial to ensure margins are optimised because the fastest way to increase profit is to optimise gross margins..

    Join us: Thursday 13th May @ 2pm


  • Customer Attrition

    How engaged are your existing customers? Maximise engagement to improve customer retention and increase cross selling and referral rates.

    Join us: Thursday 20th May @ 2pm


  • Customer Segmentation

    All customers are important, but they are not all equal, only by understanding your customers can you adopt the most effective growth strategies..

    Join us: Thursday 27th May @ 2pm


  • Transaction / Transaction Value

    Total Number of Transactions x Average Transaction Value = Total Sales. These two highly valuable and important KPI’s are incredibly important because improvement can be incredibly easy and achieved overnight.

    Join us: Thursday 3rd June @ 2pm

  • Gap Analysis/Cross Selling

    Increase sales by 40% without having to find new customers. What would that do for your business? 40% is the AVERAGE potential increase in sales businesses achieve, simply by satisfying ALL of their customers needs.

    Join us: Thursday 10th June @ 2pm

  • Customer Acquisition

    Having maximised sales and profitability from existing customers, what’s the gap that needs to be filled by new customer acquisition?

    Join us: Thursday 17th June @ 2pm

  • Exit Ready

    90% of businesses are unsaleable. 80% put up for sale don’t sell. Less than 5% achieve their asking price – make sure your business is ‘Exit Ready’.

    Join us: Thursday 24th June @ 2pm

  • Performance vs Plan

    With all the planning done, prepare your 5 Year 3 Way forecast and regularly report ‘Performance vs Plan’ to systematically grow your business.

    Join us: Thursday 1st July @ 2pm

  • How to grow your business

    Discover how small incremental improvements in performance quickly compound to deliver outstanding improvements in profit and equity value.

    Join us: Thursday 8th July @ 2pm


  • Key Performance Indicators

    Identify the Key Performance Indicators that are critical for effective management and sustained and controllable business growth.

    Join us: Thursday 15th July @ 2pm


  • Improving Cash Flow

    Effective cash management strategies are critical for sustained profitable growth, far too many profitable businesses fail for all the wrong reasons.

    Join us: Thursday 29th July @ 2pm


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