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Management Reporting & Financial Review Meetings

Enhance your management reporting

Enhance your management reporting

For every business owner serious about growth and the efficient management of their business, regularly reviewing their Management Information and working to improve financial performance is critical.

VFD Pro completely automates the data extraction, analysis and report generation, including sending reports to clients so all you and your team have to do is make time to attend Financial Review meetings to ensure clients review and understand their business, and take action to improve.

This package includes:

VFD Pro Reports

VFD Pro Models

  • Client Discussion Model
  • Business Growth Model
  • Customer Targeting Model
  • Client Segmentation Model
  • Forecast and Funding Proposal Model (Customer)
  • Forecast and Funding Proposal Model (Nominal)
  • Funding Proposal Model
  • Business Data Model
  • Start-up Forecast Model

Optional Training and CPD

Given the financial training and expertise you and your team have already acquired, combined with the VFD Mastery Training, helping clients correctly interpret and act on the information contained in their Management Reports will very quickly become second nature.

Recommended Training Modules: Compliance+, Management Reporting

Your Guarantee

You can be up and running in less than a day and everything comes with a 90 day, 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee, how could it be any easier.

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This support is needed by owners, long before they are ready for part-time Finance Director or CFO support, and before they are thinking about preparing for exit.


Even if you are only looking to ‘up-sell’ clients to Management Reporting and Financial Review meetings, nothing will happen until you and your team start discussing the future, not the past with clients which is at the core of the Compliance+ strategy and everything that goes with it.


Without support from you and your team, your clients are highly likely to lack the knowledge and financial competence they need to correctly interpret and use financial information. Even when they can interpret the information, most business owners need support to help them take time out from working in and spend time working on their business.


By meeting on a regular basis, be that quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly, the time you and your team spend with your client provides business owners with the time and the space to review progress, so just by turning up, asking pertinent questions and being ready to explain what the reports mean, you are providing tremendous value, helping your client focus and avoid ‘kicking the can down the road’.


What does Management Information ideally consist of?


  • Revenue dissected and reported in 4 different ways.
  • Analysis of Cost of Sales, Overheads, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
  • Trend analysis for Start-ups and businesses experiencing volatile trading
  • Highlight Opportunities in the Existing Client & Supplier Base
  • Management by Exception reporting to highlight key issues
  • Business Growth Opportunity Analysis and Scenario Planning
  • The potential to take a ‘Deep Dive’, a forensic financial analysis to identify issues not addressed in reports
  • Monthly and Quarterly tracking of Key Performance Indicators


Rarely in any one meeting with a client will you or your team need all of the reports and analysis highlighted above, but in an ideal world, as your clients most trusted advisor and the only one they can turn to for financial support, having access all of these reports and analysis transforms your relationship, and you quickly become an invaluable partner in your client’s business journey.


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A logical strategy to increase perceived value and hence increase fee income for your Compliance Only clients at the same time as providing a very natural, logical way to introduce and sell more valuable Financial Advisory services, including. The logical ‘up-sell’ from Management Reporting and Financial Review Meetings as your clients needs and their financial understanding grows lead to…


  • Growth Planning, Forecasting, and Part-Time FD/CFO
  • Exit Planning, Valuations, Financial Due Diligence


And everything you need to support your clients from Start-up, through Scale-up to Preparing For and Exiting successfully.