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Surf Accounts Integration

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Getting Started

Create an account
Please click here to create an account.

Add a client
Once you’ve logged into you VFD Pro Portal click ‘Add Client’, you will then be prompted to enter the following information:
1 – Company Name
2 – Company Registration Number (used for benchmarking purposes)
3 – Accounting Date (the most recent month accounts are up to date for that client)
4 – Click the Surf logo
4 – Click ‘Save’

You will be presented with this screen. Here you can either download a set of instructions or watch a short video which will walk you through the process of exporting the required files from Surf and uploading them to VFD Pro to run the analysis.

Click Import Data when you are ready to move to the next stage.

All you need to do is to upload the Nominal Codes File, the Trial Balance File and the Transactions files you have extracted from Sage by choosing the file to upload and clicking on ‘Run Reports’.

That’s it! The data will be uploaded, the reports will be available on your VFD Pro portal a short while later.

Data Flow Diagram

The integration between VFD Pro and Surf is very straight forward, we use the data displayed above to create all reporting and analysis. Information only flows from SAGE to VFD Pro, at no point is any data written to your Surf account.


When you need to update your reporting month and generate a new set of output, you will need to set a new ‘Reporting Month’. You do this using the process below.
1 – Click ‘Edit’ next to the company name in your VFD Pro portal
2 – Click in the accounting date field and select the end of the month to which the accounts are finalised
3 – Click ‘Save’
4 – Click ‘Import Data’
5 – Repeat the above steps for importing the files extracted from Surf


Your company is now synced and up to date, everything else is done for you. The following are all accessible from your VFD portal and available on demand. See the full range of reports and business planning models.

Enhanced Management Reporting
The Enhanced Performance Reports provide you and your clients with unparalleled business insight, by highlighting not only historic performance but more important the underlying business drives that will impact your client’s future performance, positive or negative.

Business Growth Advisory Models
Reporting on past performance is key to understanding the history, but Business Growth is all about the future and for that you need tools and models to help you project historic performance, understand which key drivers will have the greatest impact on future success and profitability, to forecast and plan for the future.

Opportunity Exception Reports
Help your clients by highlighting ‘quick win’ opportunities to cut costs, improve margins and increase revenue, all of which deliver huge value to your clients allowing them to pay themselves more whilst improving their EBITDA and their company value, a winning formula for any relationship.

As part of your VFD Pro package you are provided with a dashboard using industry leading business intelligence tools. Allows you to to perform a detailed interrogation of business performance over the past 2 years.

Email Alerts
You can send tailored email alerts to your clients with accompanying performance analytics. Ensure your clients know you’re number one priority is improving the profitabilty of their business.

Surf Accounts Integration FAQs

Below are the most common questions relating to Surf Accounts integration. Please visit our full FAQ’s here.

How do I access the VFD Pro Portal?
Click ‘Login’ in the top right hand corner of any page and enter the credentials provided when you set up an account.

How do I ensure my data is up to date?
Your data is not automatically synchronised if you are using Surf Accounts, you have to invest about 2 minutes each time a new accounting period is finalised, then download the required reports from Surf as per the instruction on the VFD Pro Portal, and upload them to VFD Pro.

How do I remove client data from VFD Pro?
Within your VFD Pro Portal click on ‘Delete’ next to the data you want deleted and then click ‘Yes’ when prompted. All data relating to this company will now be deleted from the VFD Pro servers.

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