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Wednesday’s BBC headline: Coronavirus: A fifth of smaller UK firms ‘will run out of cash’, clients need help and you are almost certainly the only one they can turn to. Read the article here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52114414.

Time is of the essence, businesses will need detailed financial and cash flow planning, to apply for funding support to help them trade out of the current situation.

With Furloughing staff, tax holidays, flexible landlords, customers folding and delayed collections, forecasting just got a lot more complex… the good news is that it also just got a whole lot easier too.

The VFD Pro Forecast Model has been adapted and updated to help you assist more clients to avoid disaster. Businesses need detailed financial and cash flow planning, to apply for support funding and to trade out of the current situation.

The Government cannot allow 20% of UK SME’s to fail, the economic consequences would be too dire to contemplate, so we have to assume support will be forthcoming and help businesses survive long enough to benefit, as the BBC article concludes:

“Small and medium-sized businesses employing less than 250 people employ most of the workforce – 23 million people. “We could lose up to a million of them in the next month or so. And it will be irreversible which will be catastrophic for the UK economy.”

Book now to discover how you can quickly and easily help your clients develop the plan they need to really understand their business’ requirements, apply for loans and start planning for the recovery.