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The current crisis means more than ever, businesses need sound financial planning and that includes a robust forecast that reflects the current reality: The impact of Furloughing staff, putting VAT payments on hold (temporarily), delaying payment of corporation tax, payment plans for rental income, grants, the list goes on. The challenge of modeling the impact for a business has never been harder or more in need, the good news is it just got a whole lot easier too.

The enclosed video was captured during today’s online meeting, explaining how the VFD Pro 3 Way Forecast Model can be used for any business, not just Xero, click below to find out more:

Further enhancements are due in the immediate future and next week a new Loan Application model will be added to the Business Advisory tools as a standard part of the VFD Pro Reporting toolkit. If you are advising business owners and you are not familiar with the CAMPARI methodology, (used by lenders to assess loan applications).