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Transforming Insights into Actions: VFD Pro at Accountex 2024

… and relax… As we reflect on two exhilarating days at Accountex 2024, the VFD Pro team are thrilled to share the highlights and successes from our sponsorship of the ‘Accountants in Industry’ theatre. With 968 delegates attending 14 insightful seminars, this year’s event was truly one for the books.

With special thanks to Caroline Hobden and the Accountex team.

Event Overview: Accountex 2024 brought together thousands of industry professionals at the iconic venue in London, setting the stage for a festival of knowledge, innovation, and networking. As sponsors of the ‘Accountants in Industry’ theatre, VFD Pro was at the heart of the action, delivering a series of 14 thought-provoking seminars.

VFD Pro’s Highlights from Accountex:

  • Expert-Led Seminars: Each session was carefully curated to address the evolving needs of accountants and advisors, focusing on topics from strategic advisory to technological integration in financial practices.
  • Engaging Discussions: Our speakers, including industry leaders and innovators, shared their expertise on a wide range of subjects, inspiring attendees to rethink traditional roles and embrace new opportunities.

Special Thanks to Our Speakers: We extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the speakers who joined us. Your contributions were instrumental in the success of our theatre.

Andi Lonnen FCCA BSc. Andrew Waters, Ben Rawal, Alan Nelson, David Kerr Sue Penney, Stu Drinkwater, Louisa Matheson, Gaye Prime, Philip Biggs, Steve Price, Steve Darnell, Joanna Drinkwater BSc(HONS) BFP FCA, Jeremy Swinfen Green, Jessica Pillow, Billie Mcloughlin ACCA, Ian Cooper MBA, Becky Glover, Mathew Akrigg ACIPP MAAT, Alex Bond Burnett ACC, Sean Farnell FCA Paul Resch, Paul Lupton

Unlocking Value as a Finance Business Partner

Empowered Roles: Attendees discovered the 9 Cs FBP Formula® and transformed into dynamic finance business partners, gaining practical tips and techniques to add significant value to their organisations.

Becoming Partner or CFO – What Does It Take?

Leadership Insights: Participants explored essential characteristics beyond technical skills required for top roles like CFO or Partner, enriched by insights from seasoned leaders.

Reinventing Accounting Advisory

Vision of the Future: Participants learned how Virtual Finance Directors utilise cutting-edge technology and strategic offshoring to enhance efficiency and maximise fee income.

Implementing an Effective Business Partnering Function

Strategic Collaborations Mastered: Attendees dove into strategies for establishing robust Business Partnering functions, fostering cross-departmental collaboration, and driving strategic value.

How to Become a Successful Portfolio FD

Mastering the Portfolio FD Role: Attendees understood the multifaceted nature of a Portfolio FD and gained the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this transformative role.

Beyond the Hype – The Real Impact of AI in Accountancy

AI Reality Check: Attendees stripped back the hype to examine the real impacts of AI in accountancy, discussing potential benefits and limitations.

Breaking Barriers: How We Can Embrace Technology as a Catalyst for Growth

Technological Transformations: Attendees explored how embracing technology can revolutionise their practices, optimising operations and cultivating necessary skills for digital success.

Making IT Work – Controlling Change When Implementing New Software

Change Management Explored: Participants learned to manage change effectively when implementing new software, ensuring team buy-in and maximising the value of tech investments.

The Generational Shift of the Finance Department

Generational Insights Gained: Attendees navigated the nuances of generational differences within finance teams to enhance collaboration and drive organisational success.

Payroll Legislative Update 2024-2025

Compliance Ensured: Attendees kept their payroll practices up-to-date with the latest legislative changes for the 2024-25 tax year, ensuring their services remained compliant and effective.

How to Get People to Listen to You and Take Your Advice

Communication Skills Enhanced: Attendees mastered the art of persuasion and learned effective communication strategies to ensure their advice was not only heard but acted upon.

How to Support Businesses Throughout Their Lifecycle

Strategic Guidance Provided: Participants provided strategic guidance through every stage of a business’s growth, from inception to expansion, becoming indispensable strategic partners.

Business Valuation Efficiency: Saving Finance Practitioners Time By Harnessing Technology

Valuation Processes Streamlined: Attendees discovered how integrating advanced technology can streamline business valuations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Identifying the Right Buyer

Strategic Acquisition Insights: Participants learned to identify the right buyer for business sales, considering not just the offer but also the long-term success of the business and its team.

Expanding Our Community: For those who stopped by our stand and participated in our sessions, thank you! Your engagement fuels our commitment to enhancing our services and supporting your professional growth. We invite you to join our growing community by following our LinkedIn page (VFDPro) for continuous updates and expert insights.

With thanks to Sue Penney and Sean Farnell FCA for letting us use their feedback in the largest font possible.

Looking Forward: Inspired by the success at Accountex 2024, VFD Pro is more motivated than ever to continue driving innovation and excellence in the accounting industry. Stay tuned for upcoming events, webinars, and training sessions designed to equip you with the tools needed for success in the evolving market landscape.

Join Us on Our Journey: Don’t miss out on the opportunities ahead. Contact us to stay informed about our latest offerings and initiatives.

Final Thoughts: Once again a massive thank you to the Accountex team and all participants for making this event so successful.

We look forward to connecting with you again soon and continuing our journey towards transforming the world of accounting.

Supporting you in helping your clients survive, thrive, scale and exit successfully.

The VFD Pro team.

Mark WalkerSteve Darnell, Gaye Prime, Daniel Plowright, Chris Fielding, Amanda JohnsonJo Finch, Niki Dymek