Accounting Technician Programme

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Interactive & Fully Supported Training Programme

Learn how to analyse financial reports and models to identify and address bookkeeping issues, (overcome rubbish in / rubbish out), and pick out the key opportunities and threats for Client Managers / Partners to discuss with clients.

Choose the option which works best for you:

Reporting & Analysis:  6 modules

Forecasting & Funding:   4 modules

Business Valuation & Exit:   2 modules

A maximum of 12 modules over 4 weeks.


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The core programme is 6 modules over 2 weeks. Attend the first 3 sessions and if you are not satisfied simply ask for a full refund.

Reporting Analysis: Resolving Bookkeeping Issues – Issue Identification – Populating the Discussion Template

1.1 Overview: Inputs vs Outputs
Clarifying the objectives: Analysing financial reporting, rectifying bookkeeping issues (to address the rubbish in – rubbish out challenge), identifying the key issues for discussion with the client: Populating the Discussion Template.

1.2 Hunting for Nuggets: Business Overview Report
Understanding the Business Overview Report and identifying the key issues for further analysis: Opportunities to increase Revenue, Gross Margin, Reduce Overheads and Risk and Improve short term and long term Cashflow.

1.3 Performance Analysis Report
Digging deeper using the Performance Analysis and Trend Reports to provide further insight into issues related to the key growth drivers – how and where to find the key information to extract and populate the Discussion Template.

1.4 Performance Trend Report & Management Report
Moving from the 12 months rolling view of performance to highlight financial year to date performance and issues. Using the Board Summary and Board Reports for a different perspective and view of key performance indicators.

1.5 Customer Analysis & Marketing ROI
Business Owners are always fixated on Customers, Acquisition, Attrition and Marketing ROI – Use these reports/analysis to help business owners fully understand where their money is slipping between the cracks.

1.6 Business Growth Model Populating the Agenda
Answering ‘What’s going to happen next year?’: If you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you’ve got… Sharpening the focus and finalising the Discussion Template. “

Forecasting, Reporting Performance vs Forecast and Populating a Funding Proposal

2.1 Customer Targeting Model – Preparing Input Sales Data
Using history to establish a realistic baseline forecast that takes into account the current rates of customer attrition, acquisition, transactions, transaction Frequency and product and services sold to each key customer.

2.2 Preparing the 5 Year 3 Way Forecast
How to prepare the 5 Year 3 Way Forecast with the Client: Rectifying rubbish in – rubbish out. Forecasting Sales, Cost of Sales, Overheads. Checking Opening Balances, Baseline 3 Way Forecast, Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis.

2.3 The Funding Proposal
Revising the Baseline Forecast to project the impact of funding on Revenue, Variable Costs and Overheads. Entering funding income and expenditure – generating the Funding Proposal Model and discussing the Qualitative Input.

2.4 Reporting Performance vs Forecast
Monthly Reporting of Performance vs Forecast: How to import actual performance year to date in the model, apply the revised forecast assumptions for Sales, Gross Margin and Overheads, and generate the final report.

Business Valuation and Performance vs Exit Plan Reporting

3.1 Preparing a Company Valuation Report
How to use the EVA Company Valuation Model to prepare an indicative business valuation. Adjusting for exception items, projecting EBITDA, entering valuation assumptions and preparing the final Business Valuation Summary.

3.2 Preparing an Exit Planning Forecast and Report
Monthly Reporting of Performance vs Exit Plan: Revising the forecast assumptions for Sales, Gross Margin and Overheads, and generate the final report.

What delegates say…

It will enable us to help our clients so they get a better value service and they can then refer us on.

It’s really in depth training which is brilliant, and really gets into what it can do and how it can help us benefit clients. It gives us more value that we can give to our customers.

It’s always interesting when you undertake any training, or mixing with other practitioners, as there’s an open sharing of ideas and suggestions; there’s always something you’ll pick up from someone else.

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