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What is Included with the ‘Grow & Exit’ VFD Pro Connection Type

The Grow and Exit Connection type, (C9), provides you with everything you need to support your Part-Time / Virtual Finance Director, (or CFO) services with the addition of the full suite of EVA reports and models to support those of your clients who appreciate the need to become ‘Exit Ready’ as quickly as possible, (EVA = Exit Value Accelerator)

Statistically, most businesses will fail completely to realise any value whatsoever when they inevitably exit their business:

  • 90% of businesses are simply wound up and never marketed for sale
  • Of those marketed for sale, just 20% result in a sale which makes the odds of success incredibly small
  • Of those that eventually sell, only 5% achieve the expected value on exit.

This has potentially catastrophic consequences for the business owner, your client. Without your help and support to prepare the business to be ‘Exit Ready’, your clients are highly likely to add to the failure statistics.

Being exit ready should be the goal of every business owner, after all, none of us knows what will happen tomorrow so the timing may not be at a time of your client’s choosing, so the only logical strategy which is also the most logical business success strategy, is for owners to run their business in a way that would allow it to be sold at any time.

One of the key items of information a potential buyer will expect to see is evidence of sound financial management and to that end they will ask to see the last 3 years Management Information and it is likely to take a year to establish a robust forecast, growth trends and a reliable management pack, the time to start is probably right now.

Getting it right will massively increase the realisable value of the business when the time does come to sell, so accordingly the value attributed to preparing for sale is extremely high compared to other forms of financial support.

In the SME sector the typical retainer for an augmented Part Time or Virtual Finance Director/CFO service to include preparing for Exit range from £2000 to £4,0000+* per month, in addition to fees for other accountancy and tax related services. The prices charged to individual clients are typically a function of the size and complexity of the client’s business and where they are in their business live cycle, and support they need, combined with the skill set / seniority of the Client Manager or Partner who will provide the service.

*It is not uncommon for the fees charged for a 6-month engagement to help prepare for and facilitate the sale of a business to be in the range of c.£250,000 plus a success contingent that could increase the total consideration by a significant multiple.

To support your client, the Grow and Exit Connection type (C9) includes the following reports, growth models and opportunity exception reports, for more detail on each click on the name to read more.

VFD Pro Reports

VFD Pro Models

Opportunity Exception Reports


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