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What is Included with the Advisor Lite Connection Type

The Advisor Lite Connection type, (C3), provides critical reports and growth models required to deliver a robust package of Management Information to support your Part-Time Financial Controller (FC) function for clients. This Financial Advisory package provides tremendous value and insight for business owners helping you to make a substantial contribution to your client’s success.

For clients who don’t yet see the benefit of creating a Three Way Forecast to plan, track progress, and report actual Performance vs Forecast, the next best in terms of Financial Reporting and Control is to manage a business using up to date historic data which allows for extrapolation to predict the future assuming current trends continue.

Whilst there is tremendous depth and breadth of information contained in the various reports and model that makes up the Advisor Lite package, delivering an effective Part-Time FC service calls requires two things:

  1. Management Information (MI) Reports and Scenario Planning Models and…
  2. Financial Expertise to identify and rectify fundamental bookkeeping issue and the associated ‘rubbish in-rubbish out’ challenge, with the skills required to discuss financial management and guide clients who, without your experience and expertise, will not benefit fully from the financial insight you can provide.

Most practices use the reports provided with the Advisor Lite package to support a range of service offerings for clients at various price points to deliver reporting plus support for financial review / planning and management meetings, either online or face to face.

The ‘typical’ incremental fee income charged to clients for Part-Time Financial Controller services is from £250 to £1,000 per month. This is in addition to fees for other accountancy and tax related services. The prices charged to individual clients are typically a function of the size and complexity of the client’s business and where they are in their business live cycle, and support they need, combined with the skill set / seniority of the Client Manager or Partner who will provide the service.

For businesses with a stable trading history and at least two years accounting records data, you could offer a month reporting service augmented by quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly management review meetings.

The Advisor Lite Connection type (C3) includes the following reports, growth models and opportunity exception reports, for more detail on each click on the name to read more.

VFD Pro Reports

VFD Pro Models

Opportunity Exception Reports

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