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What is Included with the ‘Advise & Grow’ Connection Type

The Advise and Grow Connection type, (C6), provides you with a comprehensive suite of analysis, reports, and models to plan and compare various growth strategies with your clients to support your Part-Time / Virtual Finance Director, (or CFO) services.

In most businesses all key financial decisions are made by the Finance Director /CFO, for example which financial functions will be carried out by the company and what to outsource and which accountant to engage for compliance related work.

As your client’s Virtual Finance Director, you become an invaluable part of your client’s business as the Managing Director or CEO’s Right-Hand Man/Woman, and a critical part of their decision-making processes because all key decisions have a financial impact in some way, shape or form.

Depending on your level of engagement and your client’s priorities, budget, their bookkeeping and the ability of the management team you many need to operate for some time without a Forecast / Plan. With the Advise and Grow Connection type you have a host of reports and analysis you can use to fully support your client with analysis and management reporting for as long as necessary, or until the time, management capacity or budget allow you to work with your client to create a Five-Year Three-Way Forecast*…

*In most cases the work required to produce a Five-Year Three-Way Forecast is paid for as a one-off exercise or ideally an annual recurring task. With some clients it will be appropriate to incorporate this exercise into the scope of an extended engagement, however in most cases the Forecast is the first of a two-part engagement which concludes with agreeing the scope for ongoing Part Time or Virtual FD services.

A key activity for the Virtual Finance Director is in financial analysis, evaluation of options and scenario planning resulting in the creation of a comprehensive plan in the shape of a Five Year Three Way Forecast that provides the ‘map’ your client will use to navigate their journey. The forecast is critical to tracking and reporting progress against plan, and if the cash flow projection for the business highlights a need to raise finance, the forecast is also key to generating a robust Funding Proposal to approach potential lenders.

The ‘typical’ incremental fee income charged to clients for Part Time or Virtual Finance Director/CFO services range from £750 to £2,500** per month. This is in addition to fees for other accountancy and tax related services. The prices charged to individual clients are typically a function of the size and complexity of the client’s business and where they are in their business live cycle, and support they need, combined with the skill set / seniority of the Client Manager or Partner who will provide the service.

**There are examples where firms are charging more and less than this, but this is the centre of the ‘Bell Curve’, actual prices charged vary according to the size and complexity of the client’s business and the experience and confidence on the part of the person negotiating the scope and related fees which improves over time.

To support your client, the Advise and Grow Connection type (C6) includes the following reports, growth models and opportunity exception reports, for more detail on each click on the name to read more.

VFD Pro Reports

VFD Pro Models

Opportunity Exception Reports

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