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Release 1.7.1: Marketing ROI Report

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Upgrade 1.6.5: Advise your clients on the effectiveness of their marketing activity.

When you next synchronise a client and run reports you will see an additional report in the Enhanced Performance Reports section of your VFD Pro portal.

This report has been developed in response to our customer’s feedback. Specifically, how you can advise your clients on the effectiveness of their marketing activity and analysing the impact it has on their customer base and the revenue it helps generate. Enabling you to analyse one of the key expenses within your client’s business.

The Marketing ROI report analyses 6 key areas of activity:

  1. New Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention/Attrition.
  2. Projection of business performance over the next 5 years.
  3. Cost of acquisition for new customers.
  4. Cost to service total customers.
  5. Revenue generated per £ of marketing related expenditure.
  6. Key supplier expenditure trends.

This concise 3-page report is automatically produced every time you synchronise a client to your VFD Pro portal (providing there is the relevant data within their accounting system).

Enhanced Management Reporting is highly valued by business owners who are happy to pay you for your reporting and financial support services. For your larger clients, those with more financial complexity, becoming their Part-Time FD and helping them take better control of their finances is a logical and highly valued service.

If you look at the potential fee income from Management Reporting and Part-Time FD services the figures are impressive, but it’s when you look at the gross profit margin the importance of adding these services to your practice becomes apparent…

Management Reporting is extremely time efficient delivering near 100% gross margin as it requires next to no overhead making it highly scalable. Part-Time FD services are not for everyone and they do require you to interact more with your clients regularly, but the value and hence the margins are potentially far higher than other accountancy services.

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