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Release 1.9: Report Controls and Enhanced Options

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1.9.1 Manage Which Reports Your Clients Can Access

When you agree commercial terms with your client, you can now deliver more value, in less time by providing your clients with log in access to your own branded VFD Portal.

When they log in your clients can only access the reports and analysis you make available for them.


With the recent enhancements to your VFD Pro portal you can now control exactly which reports each of your clients can access, and with the optional Branded VFD Pro Portal, you can ensure EVERYTHING your client sees matches your branding, from when they log in, to when they read and download their reports.

You and your team can still see all the reports that are available to your practice, but your client can only access the reports they are paying for, giving you even more scope to up-sell and cross-sell additional services over time.

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