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Release 1.6.1 (Dec 20): Free vs Paid

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Version 1.6.1 | ‘Free’ vs ‘Paid Connections

System Upgrade: 1st December 2020

Release 1.6.1 introduces ‘Free’ vs ‘Paid’ users and related functionality.

This release allows VFD Pro Subscribers to add unlimited numbers of clients and generate the key reports and models needed to engage with clients and sell value add services, (Management Reporting and Part-Time FD services).

By default all New Clients added to the VFD Pro portal are set to ‘Trial. This means that a subset of reports will be produced once for you to discuss enhanced performance reporting/part-time FD services with your clients using their data. If after reviewing with your client they go ahead with your enhanced services, the client will need to be set to ‘Paid’. If they decide not to go ahead, the client can be set to ‘Free’ and the VFD Pro portal will only generate the Business Overview Report each time the accounting data is resynchronised, and the reporting date amended.

To generate the full suite of reports on an ongoing basis, the client must be moved from ‘Trial’ to ‘Paid’.

Clients set to ‘Paid’ generate the full set of Management Reporting, Business Growth Models, Exception Reports and their data is available via the Business Intelligence Dashboard.

When you log into your VFD Pro Portal you will see the following:

1.  The number and type of clients is shown for each Organisation:

The reports that can be generated for each of the three categories of client; Trial, Free and Paid are controlled by VFD Pro and can be changed if needed, by default the following reports are available for each category:

When you view the client detail, under Client Details you will see the Financial Year and Connection Type.

When setting up a new client for the first time, (or editing existing client details), you will be asked to provide two additional pieces of information, the Financial Year End and the Connection Type.

The Financial Year End will make it possible for users to provide clients with progress year to date reports (due to be added to the VFD Pro Portal shortly).

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