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Gold Academy Plan

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The VFD Academy – Gold Membership Package Includes:

  • VFD Pro Portal (Client’s data, Practice Branded Reports)
  • A Full Set of Demonstration Reports (VFD Branded)
  • Unlimited number of Trial Connections
  • Unlimited number of Free Connections
  • VFD Academy Self Help Video Support Material
  • Early access to new reports and models
  • Practice Listing on the VFD Academy Directory
  • VFD Academy Membership – Tech Training (24h x CPD)
  • Practice Owners Peer Support Group
  • In-person technical support
  • Three VFD Academy Members, (additional members: £10 per month per person)
  • VFD Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Practice Branded Portal
  • Includes 1 Grow and Exit Practice Connection
  • Financial Management for Business Owner (FiMBO Training Slide Deck)
  • 6 x Client Satisfaction Interviews / Testimonials per annum

VFD Pro Portal (Client’s data, Practice Branded Reports)

This is where you log on to VFD Pro, add clients, synchronise data and access the various Reports, Analysis, Growth Planning and Exit Models. Your VFD Pro Portal will allow you to set up your practice branding, (logo and colour scheme), so all reports and models will use your company branding.

A Full Set of Demonstration Reports (VFD Branded

Extremely valuable for training and to demonstrate the services you can offer to clients; the demonstration company includes a full set of example reports for you to use.

Unlimited number of Trial Connections

To help you ‘wow’ clients and introduce your Financial Advisory services, you can generate a full set of Growth Planning Models, Reports, and Analysis for an unlimited number of clients. The Trial Connection is the same as the Advise and Grow Connection, and can be resynchronised as often as necessary in the first 30 days.

This allows you to run reports, rectify any bookkeeping issues and re-run reports before presenting them to clients, or if you do not manage the bookkeeping, to highlight issues and offer a service to help your client rectify bookkeeping issues.

Unlimited number of Free Connections

If having discussed your Financial Advisory services, your client does not want to pay for one of your more comprehensive service packages, you can use the Free Connection to generate the incredibly valuable Business Overview Report for as many clients as you wish.

VFD Academy Self Help Video Support Material

You can get help at any time by visiting VFD.Academy where you will find a comprehensive library of educational videos and example reports and models, all available at the click of a button 24/7/365.

Early access to new reports and models

As an integral part of your VFD Academy membership, as well as being able to access the ongoing technical training and in person tech support, you will also be invited to help shape new reports, exit and growth planning models before they are released to the wider market.

Practice Listing on the VFD Academy Directory

An ever-increasing number of Business Owners come to VFD Pro direct. When they don’t have financial staff in-house VFD Pro direct them to work with one of the accountants who are using VFD by listing all practices to make them easy to find. There is no option to pay for a premium listing, so your position is determined by your ‘engagement’ and the quality of your client satisfaction feedback.

VFD Academy Membership – Tech Training (24h x CPD)

Without investing time to keep abreast of new developments and enhancements you will quickly become out of date, and unaware of the tools at your disposal and how to use them. As a VFD Academy member you are automatically entitled to attend the fortnightly technical training workshops and/or access any you miss via the VFD. Academy website via your secure login.

Practice Owners Peer Support Group

If you are a Practice Owner and a VFD Academy member you are also entitled to participate in the Peer Support groups that exist to help you successfully implement your Financial Advisory services in your practice to help as many clients as possible.

In-person technical support

When you need help and you cannot find the answer on the VFD. Academy website, as a VFD Academy member you are welcome to take advantage of in-person technical support to help you answer queries and support clients as efficiently as possible.

Includes Logon Access and related support for three people on the VFD.Academy system

The VFD.Academy support system provides premium content and support collateral for VFD Academy members, including Playbooks and access to the online Learning Management System to allow you and your staff to test / verify their understanding of the various VFD Pro Reports and Models.

VFD Academy Members also enjoy unique access to the recordings of the ongoing fortnightly technical training workshops to they can catch up on any session they miss and / or dip in for a refresher at any time if needed.

Additional members cost £10.00 +vat per person per month.

VFD Business Intelligence Dashboard

Sometimes your client will need answers to questions that are not available in the standard reports and growth models. When you need to take the deep dive, that is the time to log on to your VFD Business Intelligence Dashboard to slice and dice revenue, cost of sales, overheads, or profitability information down to each individual line item on every invoice.

If purchased separately, the VFD Dashboard costs £30.00 +vat per month. This is the cost to your practice if you were to sell Dashboard Access to clients, commercially, access to a fully populated BI system would cost from £300 +vat per month

Practice Branded VFD Pro Portal

To take full advantage of the automated reporting, you will want to give your clients a fully branded experience when they logon to access reports. Your logo, colour scheme / branding and contact details are used throughout, including when your client seeks to login, or to use the password recovery and your contact details are used for any system generated emails sent from VFD Pro to your clients on your behalf.

If purchased separately, the Branded VFD Pro Portal, inclusive of related support is charged at £33.00 +vat per month.

Inclusive Grow and Exit Practice Connection

The Grow and Exit Connection provides you with everything included with Advise and Grow, plus the entire EVA, (Exit Value Accelerator) suite of reports to help clients value their business, forecast and track progress toward their target valuation, and when the time comes to exit, it includes the comprehensive Financial Due Diligence report.

Financial Management for Business Owner (FiMBO Training Slide Deck)

The single greatest root cause of business failure is a lack of financial understanding, management, and controls on the part of business owners. Educate your clients and help them understand and appreciate the importance and the value of management information, and financial support offered by a part-time FC, FD, and outsourced finance. The FiBMO training is a 12-week programme of training for business owners.

FiMBO is only available to VFD Academy members on the Silver or above plan.

6 x Client Satisfaction Interviews / Testimonials per annum

Client Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions (According to Bill Gates of Microsoft). By knowing what our clients truly think we can make informed decisions to maximise client satisfaction, retention, and to increase referrals.

To help you improve your Financial Advisory services, AND to help you raise your profile on the VFD Academy Directory of Financial Advisory accountants, as a VFD Academy member, you will automatically qualify for a set number of client satisfaction interviews each year, conducted by our Client Engagement Partner, Enquir3 Ltd.

If you wish to engage Enquir3 Ltd to conduct additional interviews on your behalf this would need to be contracted directly with Enquir3 who would be able to discuss and expand on the additional support and services they can offer.

You can add unlimited numbers of additional paid for connections on any connection type – further information here.

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