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1.9.4 Marketing ROI Report

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The all-new Marketing ROI Report has been developed to report on marketing expenditure, suppliers and return on investment.

You can now advise your clients on the effectiveness of their marketing activity by analysing the impact it has on their customer acquisition and retention and the revenue it helps generate.

The Marketing ROI Report analyses 7 key areas of activity:

  1. New Customer Acquisition,
  2. Customer Retention/Attrition.
  3. Projection of business performance over the next 5 years.
  4. Cost of acquisition for new customers.
  5. Cost to service total customers.
  6. Revenue generated per £ of marketing related expenditure.
  7. Key supplier expenditure trends.

The concise 3-page Marketing ROI Report is now automatically produced every time you synchronise a client on your VFD Pro portal (providing there is relevant data within your client’s accounting system).

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