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1.10.1 Report Branding Controls

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All of the reports and models VFD Pro generate have always been branded, with your logo, your company details and your company colours, however, until now you were not able to change any of these details, but with release 1.10.1 that has changed.

There is now an option on your VFD Pro portal that can be enabled to allow you to control your own Branding. The customisation controls are off by default, whilst we obtain feedback from our Beta users who now have access to the option.

If you wish to be added to the VFD Pro Beta user group and have access to the Report Branding Controls please contact VFD Pro.

Once the controls are enabled for your portal, you will see a new ‘Company Settings’ option button appear when you login.

When you click on ‘Configure Branding’ the Configure Branding page will appear as shown below:

There are three key items you can edit to setup your branding exactly as you wish it to be displayed on the reports and models VFD Pro generates for your practice:

Your Logo: To add your logo or to add a new logo, you first remove the default VFD Pro logo by clicking on the Remove button. Then upload your own logo as either a PNG or a JPEG file.

Note: If you have a square format for your logo this will ideally be used. The ideal size / format for your logo is 600 x 600 pixels, (if your logo is not square, lock the aspect ratio and make the longest edge 600 pixels). Having sized / re-sized the image, format the canvas to be 900 x 900 pixels and save the file ready to upload it to the VFD Pro portal.

Having removed the default logo file, the controls will look like similar to the image below:

As soon as you are happy with your now formatted logo image file, simply click ‘Choose File’, find your logo image file, click the file then click Upload.

Having added your logo, you then need to configure the primary, secondary and tertiary colours that will be used to customise the reports to match your company colours and branding.

To enter your required colours you can either enter the RGB code or click the colour icon to select your required colour from the colour pallet, enter the RGB colours or the Hexadecimal colour reference as shown below:

Note1 – Primary Colour: The primary RGB colour, is ideally one that matches your branding / colours. The primary colour will ideally be a darker shade, and one that provides a contrast with the secondary colour.


Note 2 – Secondary Colour: The secondary RGB, is ideally be a shade that is neither too dark or too light such that text, whether white or black will be clearly visible and dark enough to be clearly visible on a white background.


Note 3 – Tertiary Colour: The tertiary RGB, this will ideally be a shade that provides a contrast to the first two colours selected, but is also dark enough to be clearly visible on a white background and to also allow dark/black text to be clearly visible when overlaid on the tertiary colour.


Finally select a chart colour theme that is the best match to your companies colour scheme from the 5 options provided below.

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