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Empowering Irish SMEs: SortMyBooks and VFD Pro Partnership


As 2024 gets underway, VFD are delighted to share the fruits of our partnership with SortMyBooks – a collaboration poised to revolutionise the support offered to thousands of SMEs across Ireland, and the Bookkeepers, Accountants, and Advisors who champion their financial success.

In the dynamic landscape of business and financial control, every entrepreneur needs help—whether it’s to boost profitability, optimise cash flow, increase the business’s value, or achieve a healthier work/life balance.

SortMyBooks, is often hailed as ‘The Irish Xero,’ emerged from the visionary minds of two sisters, Anne and Aileen. Their mission is to empower every business owner with clarity regarding their financial standing. SortMyBooks is an extremely intuitive software package, tailored for Irish businesses to provide unparalleled functionality for SMEs.

This collaboration seamlessly integrates the robust financial analysis, planning, forecasting, and reporting capabilities of VFD with SortMyBooks’ comprehensive yet user-friendly accounting software. This fusion equips entrepreneurs in Ireland with a powerful toolkit to not only grow and scale their businesses but also feeds into smoothing their exit when the time comes, allowing the new owners to build on the success of the founders.

Adding a SortMyBooks client to your VFD Pro portal is a breeze. Simply select SortMyBooks and click save. Then follow the built in instructions and allow VFD to handle all the heavy lifting—simplicity at its finest.

Take the first step – Trial VFD Pro and connect your clients.