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Supplier Analysis Report

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The Supplier Analysis Report has been designed to help you and your clients make strategic decisions about suppliers. It can be difficult to assess expenditure across a business’s entire supplier base purely using the data contained in the accounting system. The Supplier Analysis Report consolidates every transaction in the most recent three years and analyses it for you to highlight risks and opportunities.

Typical Use: As part of a business risk and opportunity assessment, to understanding the supplier and cost structure of your client’s business. This can be used to augment the value you provide in regular management meetings and/or as part of a one-off exercise to analyse and reduce costs / mitigate risk, or as a critical part of the planning and scenario analysis part of the Forecasting and Budgeting process.

Optimising the Supplier Base: The Supplier Analysis Report saves you time and enhances your value to your client as the source of business critical management information. Your client and their staff will do the work necessary to optimise and de-risk the supplier base, but they can only do this if you are able to provide the information, they need to achieve it further enhancing the value you provide for clients.

Picture of the front cover of the Supplier Analysis Report which provides a detailed analysis of the movement in supplier expenditure, exposure and profile, supported by highly granular analysis of suppliers and movement in purchasing trends in the last two years

Example Report

An example of the ‘Supplier Analysis Report’ can be accessed here.

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Key Supplier Performance

Detailed Supplier Performance

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