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Forecast & Funding Proposal Model

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The Forecast and Funding Model (Customer):  Every business needs a plan, but most don’t have one.  Analyse historic sales and forecast by customer to create a detailed 3 way forecast for the business, including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

The Forecast and Funding Model (Revenue):  If income is recorded by revenue line, the Forecast and Funding Proposal Model, (Revenue), provides a detailed plan the next 5 years with years 1 and 2 detailed by month and a robust 3 Way Forecast and Financial Plan for the business.

Sample Model

Available from your VFD Pro portal on the links below.

Model Overview

Historical Performance

Sales Forecast

Cost of Sales Forecast

Overheads Forecast

Balance Sheet Assumptions

General Cash Flow Assumptions

VAT Assumptions

Accounts Receivable & Payable Assumptions

Preparing a Forecast Report

Comparing Actual Performance to Forecast

Preparing a Funding Proposal

Completing a Funding Proposal

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