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Exit Planning Forecast and Funding Proposal Model

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The Exit Planning Forecast and Funding Proposal Model is automatically pre-populated with the last 2 years trading data. This allows you to work through the process of forecasting with projected balance sheet and working capital assumptions to create an incredibly detailed forecast, including the projected valuation using a blended combination of up to 7 different valuation models.

Typical Use: This is used to create a Five-Year Three-Way Forecast for established businesses, including the projected value over the period of the forecast. The forecast can then be updated with actual data each month, with revised projections that in turn will update the predicted valuation of the business at the time of the report and for the forthcoming years.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize: The Exit Planning Forecast and Funding Proposal Model takes monthly reporting and financial management to a whole new level, looking not just for the most efficient means of managing growth, but also maximising the value of the business by always having a clear view of exactly which drivers have the greatest impact on the potential value.

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