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In partnership to support business thrive, survive and exit

VFD Academy membership is designed to give you what you need to be successful, however you define success. The higher your status level the more benefits you’ll enjoy.

VFD Academy members gain access to software, education, and support to augment the value you provide your clients.

VFD Pro Academy members who have invested in having team members trained to certified status qualify for Certified Advisor status.

The support Entrepreneurs are looking for

Your VFD Pro status is determined by your level of commitment and how far you go to help clients survive, thrive, grow and exit.

Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners and Certified Advisors have invested to provide whole of life Financial Advisory support for clients, from start-up to exit and beyond.

A full set of tools, reports, analysis and support materials to help clients at every stage in their journey.

Gold Partner

Gold Partners and Certified Advisors work with ambitious owners as establish effective financial management and controls to build exit ready businesses.

Provision of a branded portal for clients to access financial data supported by the BI Dashboard.

Silver Partner

Silver Partners and Certified Advisors work to help clients with financial planning, forecasting & reporting to deliver stable long term growth.

A reduced set of tools, reports and analysis used in conjunction with the Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Bronze Partner

Bronze Partners and Certified Advisors go beyond compliance to help clients use management information to ensure business success.

Offering the minimum level of reporting with no branded portal, BI Dashboard and generic example reports.

To help business owners identity the right support partner to meet the stage of their business development the badges are available and can be applied to your websites and email footers. These will also be reflected within your VFD Pro Academy Listing.