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Evoke Management commissioned a series of bespoke workshops for their entire network of Part Time Financial Directors and Business Advisors to discover how VFD Pro could help them spend less time analysing and reporting to enable them to deliver greater value for current and future clients.

The first VFD Pro / Evoke Workshop took place on the 28th May and covered the incredibly detailed, but quick and easy to use 5 year forecast models, including the Universal Forecast and Funding Proposal model that can be used with any accounting system, and the automated version that is already pre-populated by VFD Pro.

Evoke help SMEs and entrepreneurs move their businesses forward by providing flexible access to outstanding strategic advice and analysis.

Having worked in vast multinational corporations and a range of fast growing dynamic younger companies, founder Rob Boll saw an opportunity to take the best practises of well-run companies and apply them to SMEs on an affordable basis.

Wherever you are in the life-cycle of your business and whatever challenges you may face, Evoke have the strategies, knowledge, and insight to keep your business moving forward.

To find out more about Evoke and how they can help your business, visit: www.evokemanagement.co.uk