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Transform your client meetings in under 5 minutes

Use the ‘Client Discussion Model’ to create a pre-populated ‘future focused’ meeting agenda. Exceed client expectation by demonstrating the current and future value of their business.

The automated ‘Business Overview Report’ will support you in further developing your client relationships, enabling you to quickly and easily summarise and review the key drivers of revenue and the underlying trends with regards customer retention and customer acquisition and their impact, as well tracking the Current Ratio, Debtor Days, Creditor Days, Cash Movement and more.

Taking this approach means you can…

  1. Significantly increase your fee income without having to increase staff or costs.
  2. Systematically introduce and upsell high value advisory services to selected clients.

Optional Training and CPD

You can be up and running with the Compliance+ tools in next to no time. Training of Client Managers takes half a day, start to finish, leading to a very significant increase in fee income shortly thereafter depending on the deployment strategy you chose to adopt.

Recommended Training Module: Compliance+

Introducing FiMBO

Ready to go further? Why not deliver the Financial Management for Business Owner Programme (FiMBO), you will give your team, and your clients the knowledge and understanding they need to use the Management Reports you can provide them with (using VFD Pro), to successfully grow and exit your business.

Your Guarantee

You can be up and running in less than a day and everything comes with a 90 day, 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee, how could it be any easier.

To discuss how this approach could develop your practice please click here.