Exit Planning 101 – Your Speakers

We have brought together specialists in their field to deliver each session

Cliff Spolander
Exit & Business Strategist

Throughout his 20+ years in business, Cliff has started, bought and sold several companies across a range of sectors. Drawing on his experience, he has created a methodology that allows for sustainable and efficient growth, focusing on both the business and its owner. It is this unique holistic approach, incorporating business growth strategies which feed into the owner’s overall exit plan, that provides the business owner with as many options as possible for their future.

Unfortunately, many owners do not achieve this balance, leaving around 90% of businesses unsaleable in their current condition. Of those on the market, less than 20% will sell and even less will sell for what the owner had originally wanted.

Cliff is passionate that you and your business do not become one of those statistics; it is his mission for you to exit your business successfully.

Cliff will help you to create a well-thought-out exit strategy, to get your business exit-ready and to create the transferable value that every buyer is seeking. This will not only increase your chances of exiting your business successfully when you choose to do so but, in the meantime, will allow you to enjoy the rewards of increased profit and cash flow from your efficient and value-centred business.

Andrea Reynolds
Founder & CEO | Swoop Funding

Andrea started her career as an accountant with KPMG before joining their Management Consultancy division in London, directing projects for a number of organisations such as GE Capital Aviation, Ryanair, Lloyds Bank and the FCA. Andrea left KPMG to start her own corporate finance consultancy, where for over 10 years she raised funding for businesses across loans, investment and grants. It is this experience that led to the launch of swoopfunding.com. Andrea is also a non-executive director at Berkshire Hathaway European Insurance.

Swoop, an award winning online one-stop shop for businesses looking to raise, save and manage finance.
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Sanjay Shah
Chartered Financial Planner & Managing Director | Smart Advisory Solutions

Sanjay has owned & grown several businesses throughout his career. The latest business he co-founded grew to over £50M turnover and subsequently sold to Private Equity. A topic that was often a cause for debate was how they were measuring their success. After all, it’s easy to get carried away focusing on profitability and growth. But what good is that in the long-run if you have unhappy clients? And is doubling your turnover really that much to celebrate if it’s being outpaced by costs?

Providing business consultancy to SMEs operating in financial services, manufacturing, and professional services Sanjay has over 30 years business experience of growing a firm from scratch, building the team and growing the business and eventually selling. His aim is to help other business owners to succeed in their own ambitions using a range of tools and experiences to avoid as many of the bear traps as possible.

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Daniel Plowright
Client Engagement Specialist | Enquir3

Daniel is client engagement specialist with over 30 years’ experience in B2B sales, marketing and business development. Daniel has spent the last 14 years working with SME’s to deliver profitable growth building on 16 years cross functional experience developed within FMCG / food industry. With a focus on business transformation to ensure long term sustainable business advantage Daniel has an outstanding track record of developing, implementing and delivering multi-discipline large scale projects solutions across all aspects of a business.

Daniel is qualified Coach Mentor who has supported initiatives with Enterprise Nation, including Digital Scale Up, Growth Accelerator and the TBS Business Mentor Programme. As a portfolio Director Daniel has a direct experience of the challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs in a range of business sectors (B2B and B2C). Daniel is on a mission to ensure all businesses maximise return on the cost of client acquisition by developing long term and profitable relationships with their clients.

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Andrew Watkin
Director | Assynt Corporate Finance

Over the past 30 years Andrew has been active in the examination with purchasers of businesses with a view to making offers to purchase shares or assets. The exercises included valuations and preliminary meetings with the vendors, negotiating and drafting Heads of Agreement, structure of the arrangement and discussing financing options.

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Pradip Mistry
Business Exit Life Transitions Coach

Pradip is a globally sought-after facilitator, speaker and creator of “Your Glide Path” – programs of unique tools designed for Business owner preparing for their exit strategy and to create a post-exit life they could more than imagine, to find renewed purpose and achieve greater fulfilment.

Pradip has worked with many highly successful business owners and executives’ transition from busy work schedules into satisfying and meaningful post business Life.

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Neil Campbell
Commercial Director | Risk Dashboard

Neil has worked on real-time applications for the past 20+ years. Now running Risk Dashboard, a software company who have designed advisory technology, which is led by data, allowing information to help create a business resilience framework for SME’s, whilst creating increased profitability for business owners. The Institute of Director’s Ambassador for Risk Management, his ambition is to make the UK the safest market in which to do business.

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Jeffrey Lermer BSc (Hons) FCA FPC
Founder | JLA Chartered Accountant

Over the years, Jeffrey has built up a large client portfolio of businesses and individuals, providing leading-edge general practice and tax consultancy. He enjoys strong client relationships that go beyond the boundaries of traditional accountancy – often assuming the role of the clients’ financial director. This unique and privileged status affords Jeffrey the platform to provide pro-active, hands-on commercial advice and, more importantly, provides him with the satisfaction of watching his clients’ business evolve and expand.

Jeffrey regularly lectures and advises businesses and associations on a wide variety of tax related topics including, “Inheritance Tax for the Elderly”, “Optimal Remuneration Structure”, “Offshore Management”, “International Tax” and “Property, Construction, Development and Selling”. He also speaks on behalf of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants at their budget seminars.

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Mark Walker
Chief Executive Officer| VFD Pro Ltd

Mark is a CIMA Accountant with over 20 years experience, former FD with Co-operative Food and Carnival Cruise Lines. An expert in business intelligence and financial planning and analysis, transitioned to offer portfolio FD services for SMEs before creating VFD Pro.

Mark has supported many SMEs in various industry sectors as a Part-Time FD, perfecting the VFD Pro output to deliver a market ready solution. Bringing BI expertise to the SME world, enabling businesses to make better decisions by automating data extraction, analysis and reporting.

VFD-Pro is the manifestation of Mark and the team’s BI, financial and management expertise, identifying opportunities and risks and presenting information needed to make timely, insightful business decisions to increase profit and growth.

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Adam Pickford / Debbie Molyneux
Highlight People

Debbie and Adam specialise in enabling businesses to get the best out of their most important asset – their People. Between them, they have 40+ years of experience and passion in delivering impactful HR solutions to businesses; including SME’s at various life-stages – start-ups, scale-ups and owner exits – and inside big corporates across Europe and the globe.

As you think through the overall exit strategy for your business, Debbie and Adam will help you to develop a plan to address the critical People elements that you will need to consider. These include legal requirements, preparing People for change and implementing best People practices. Your People plan will not only lay the foundations for ongoing levels of performance, thereby enabling the business to continue to thrive, but also enable you to step away guilt free and confident that you have done all the right things to best support staff through your exit.

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