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Module Overview

The ‘Customer Exception Report’ is produced when the business is losing more customers than it is gaining.

You would be amazed how many business owners simply don’t know how many customers they have, but by analysing transactions to identify new customers acquired and customers lost and the underlying trend over time, you can identify those whose client base is in decline.

When Customer Attrition is greater than New Customer Acquisition:  A client with a contracting customer base is in decline which is not a good place to be, and the sooner you can make them aware of the situation, the sooner you can help them start to do something about it.

Marketing Return on Investment:  When analysis identifies a client with a contracting customer base, the Customer Exception Report is generated, highlighting and quantifying retention, acquisition, and underlying trends. 

A problem without a solution is not much help to anyone.  The Customer Exception Report details the Marketing ROI before providing a granular analysis of how your client’s marketing budget is currently being spent.  Taking corrective action when you have the right information to hand becomes relatively straight forward.