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The all-new Client Discussion Model could technically be described as an ‘issue and opportunity identifier and Agenda Builder’, it delivers so much more than simply building a Meeting Agenda with supporting Management Information.  It solves three main problems:

  1. It cuts the time to prepare to meet with a client to discuss future opportunities and challenges to 5 minutes.
  2. You avoid giving too much value away without charging for it whilst still guaranteeing a ‘Wow’ meeting.
  3. By focussing only on the key issues, you demonstrate the full value you can deliver clearly and concisely.

When discussing financial performance and options for growth with clients, you don’t want to risk overwhelming or confusing your client and you don’t want to ‘give away’ excessive value until you have agreed on commercial terms. The Client Discussion Model addresses these challenges in an incredibly slick manner, allowing you to perform all of the above in a matter of minutes. The Client Discussion Model launches during the week commencing 7th March 2022 for all connection types with the exception of Free and Trial.

Typical Use: The primary purpose of the Client Discussion Model and related Agenda / Management Information, comes when discussing potential Business Growth and/or Valuation and issues related to preparing for a potential Exit at some point in the future. This is the perfect tool to transform your ‘Year End’ meetings to create a ‘Wow’ client experience with a strong focus on the future potential and the additional services and support you can offer.

Efficient and Effective Client Meetings: There is nothing worse than a poor meeting, but as busy, professional Accountants, you cannot afford to invest excessive non-charged time on analysis and preparing for client meetings. The Client Discussion Model addresses this by ensuring preparation takes less than 5 minutes, producing a professional agenda backed up by just the right Management Information which means your clients are guaranteed a highly productive, effective, and efficient meeting they will rave about and want more of.

Isn’t it time you started giving your clients a ‘Wow’ experience by showing them what their future could look like?

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