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Case Study: Accelerating Business Success with VFD Pro

Client: Home Repair and Maintenance SME

Advisor: Planning for the Best

Initially a two-person team in the home repair and maintenance sector, this SME grappled with understanding the financial implications of their business decisions. With ambitious goals, including a 20% revenue increase from the previous year, they sought clarity on achieving these targets.

The business owners faced challenges in recognising the impact of their decisions, like taking time off or inadequate financial tracking, on their revenue. They needed comprehensive insights into their financial health and strategic guidance for growth, including considerations for staff expansion.

VFD Pro’s reports significantly enhanced our advisory services, streamlining the creation of essential financial reports. By leveraging VFD Pro’s insights, we set precise targets for revenue, billing days, and other key metrics, enabling the business owners to directly correlate their decisions with financial outcomes.


  • Record Revenue Growth: Surpassing expectations, the SME achieved a 40% increase in revenue, doubling their initial target.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: With VFD Pro’s insights, the owners adjusted their approach, focusing on attracting the right customers and improving profit margins.
  • Informed Pricing Strategy: Recent price adjustments contributed to their significant revenue growth and enhanced motivation for business expansion.
  • Team Expansion Plans: Encouraged by their success, they are planning to expand their team in the new year.
  • Real-Time Business Insights: Utilising VFD Pro’s business overview reporting, they gained a comprehensive understanding of their achievements over different timeframes, enhancing their strategic planning capabilities.
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence: The SME now possesses a higher level of decision-making intelligence, understanding the importance of selective business and customer engagement for optimal profitability.

Advisor's Reflection:

At Planning for the Best, we focus on delivering exceptional business outcomes in partnership with our clients. With VFD Pro, we have witnessed remarkable growth and strategic transformation in our client’s business. Their record-setting year and newfound clarity in decision-making underscore the powerful impact of real-time financial insights and targeted advisory support.

VFD Pro Comment:

VFD Pro is committed to empowering SMEs to achieve their growth aspirations. In the case of this home repair and maintenance business, our platform played a pivotal role in not just tracking their financials but in fuelling their growth journey. By providing clear, actionable insights, we enabled them to make informed decisions, focus on profitable customer segments, and achieve an impressive 40% increase in revenue. Our goal at VFD Pro is to turn numbers into narratives that drive success, and this case exemplifies our dedication to helping businesses realise their full potential.