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Enhancing Your Advisory Impact: Support Services

Developing your ‘financial advisory’ offering is essential if you want to reduce the risk inherent in relying on compliance alone. The ability to offer specialised, highly valued support for clients sets you apart, enriching your clients experience and adding substance to your role as a trusted advisor.

VFD Pro is designed to empower accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs and business advisors. Giving you an arsenal of tools to elevate your advisory capabilities.

Recognising the pressures of time and the necessity for deep technical expertise, we’ve tailored a range of optional services which seamlessly integrate into your service portfolio. Now you can address your clients’ most complex challenges without having to expand your team.

Advisory services for your clients: 

Our team of seasoned finance professionals boasting years of invaluable experience within FTSE 100 companies will work with you to deliver the services outlined below to your client on your behalf, providing you with comprehensive support to help elevate your advisory practice:

Elevate your data handling capabilities with Precision Data Engineering, offering advanced data extraction and manipulation services. Ensure accurate, efficient data uploads and integration for insightful analysis, so you can advise with confidence.

E.g. building bespoke financial models to consolidate your client's data drawn from multiple sources.

Investment: from £1,500

Become the architect of your client's business future by providing a complete Strategic Vision service. We will work with you to guide your client through this comprehensive planning facilitation process, developing a practical, actionable, future focused business strategies, ensuring long-term success..

E.g. running a strategic planning workshop for your client.

Investment: from £1,200

Ensure your client’s business is future-proof with a comprehensive 5-Year Financial Forecasting & Strategy Workshop. Provide them with a comprehensive view of their financial trajectory with detailed cash flow, profit, and balance sheet forecasts, enabling strategic decision-making and financial stability.

Investment: from £1,800

Maximise your client’s chances of successfully accessing finance with a Customised Funding Strategy & Proposal Creation service. Designed to attract investors and lenders, this tailored proposal outlines your client’s funding needs, business potential, and strategic plans, enhancing their chances of securing essential capital.

Investment: from £2,400

Enable your client to view their business from a potential buyers perspective. Assess their financial integrity with an In-Depth Financial Due Diligence & Risk Assessment Report. This exhaustive analysis identifies potential risks, and validates your client's financial health, building confidence among stakeholders and potential investors, and...

Provide them with a comprehensive Business Valuation & Growth Potential Analysis with absolute precision. This service offers a meticulous evaluation of your client’s business, with a thorough analysis and understanding of the underlying growth drivers and market positioning, equipping them with knowledge for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Investment: from £3,000

Ensure your client secures a profitable and smooth transition with our Strategic Exit Planning & Value Optimisation Consultation. Tailored for business owners contemplating an exit, this service provides expert guidance on maximising business value, strategic exit planning, and navigating the sale or succession process effectively.

Investment: from £poa

Transform reporting efficiency. This service consolidates existing reports you may produce for client into an automated process, increasing efficiency and allowing you more time to assess the output rather than processing the inputs.

Investment: from £1,800


  • Auto generate the PDF report with associated excel file to appear in the Enhanced Performance Reports section of client portal.
  • Provide the pre-calculated data set within the Business Data Model to feed planning models.

Craft unique insights with tailored financial reports. Develop custom, client-specific reports providing unparalleled clarity and strategic value.

Investment: from £3,000

Meet any client need, whether it's a unique challenge or a specialised request, we tailor our services to provide the precise support you need, ensuring you can deliver exceptional advisory services under any circumstances.

Investment: from £POA

With these enhanced services, VFD Pro stands ready to be your behind-the-scenes partner, providing the technical expertise and comprehensive support needed to elevate your advisory practice. Empower your service portfolio with our advanced offerings, and let us help you make a lasting impact on your clients’ business success.

Services to support your practice development: 

Our team of seasoned finance professionals boast years business development experience. They have worked in partnership with hundreds of accountants and helped with thousands of hours of client support:

A simple, logical 3 step process enabling you to identify and engage with clients who need and can pay for help before it’s too late.

If you are like most practices, your average client only really gets to hear from you once a year, but what happens in the meantime, they could be missing out on major opportunities, or slowly getting into trouble and you don’t even know about it.

The VFD CAAM gives you the ability to see into your client’s future, so you can get in touch just when they need you, as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Suitability: Make sure the data you have is sufficient to conduct a meaningful analysis of their business.
  2. Opportunity Analysis: Identifying significant risks and opportunities to improve profit or working capital.
  3. Readiness: Is the client able to engage, implement AND pay for additional support.

Investment: just £999 

Transform your client interactions with the Compliance+ Mastery & Client Engagement Workshop. This program goes beyond the basics, equipping you with advanced skills to turn compliance tasks into strategic advisory opportunities, enhancing client value and engagement.

E.g. on-site team training with your Client Managers.

Investment: from £1,200 

Become an architect of your practice's future with our Strategic Vision service. Facilitated by one of the VFD team, this comprehensive planning facilitation enables you to guide your team through the development of actionable, forward-looking business strategies, ensuring long-term success.

Investment: from £1,800

Future-proof your practice with our Advanced 5-Year Financial Forecasting & Strategy Workshop. Gain a comprehensive view of your financial trajectory with detailed cash flow, profit, and balance sheet forecasts, enabling strategic decision-making and financial stability. Have a plan which can be measured against on a monthly basis and hold your team to account to ensure the financial benefits are realised.

Investment: from £2,400

Please note: All prices are subject to VAT. Bespoke reporting services are provided with an optional annual support fee based on 20% of the project value. The cost for ad hoc support will be quoted based on an agreed scope of work.

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