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Supporting Your Clients from Start-up, to Scale-up & Exit

Automation Analysis & Reporting. Supporting Planning, Forecasting & Exit Preparation

Spending less time crunching the numbers allows you to give more of your time and attention to what really matters: Helping your fellow executives and managers understand, manage and control the actions that drive the optimum financial results for your business. To help you do that VFD Pro does the following:

Future Focus

Create a future focused client meeting agenda in under 5 minutes. Demonstrate the current value of their business and the potential for the future.

From only £69 per month

Regular Reporting

Every business owner serious about growth and efficient management of their business needs a regular  review of their Management Information.

From only £129 per month

Planning & Forecasting

Everything you need for planning and forecasting as part time Finance Director / CFO to provide the financial support essential to all businesses.

From only £199 per month

Exit Planning

Everything you need to help your clients build equity value and when the time comes, to exit successfully. Including valuations and due diligence.

From only £299 per month

Implementing VFD Pro is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

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As they grow, businesses need different things in terms of financial reporting and controls depending on the complexity of the business and on the financial competence and awareness of the management team. In broad terms the financial support businesses need falls into one of three categories.

CTA Accountants in Industry


Most start-up businesses are established by an entrepreneur who is a passionate expert in their subject matter. They frequently lack financial or management understanding or experience.

Unless they are well funded, most start-ups do not have a financial function, at best they have an accountant to process the statutory accounts and advise on tax, and someone who does the bookkeeping.

The VFD Pro Compliance+ package is ideal for businesses who need more than a basic P&L and Balance Sheet.


As soon as sufficient historic data has been established, metrics and trends provide a starter for ten for what will happen in the future. For effective financial management a plan is essential.

Comprehensive historic reporting is the foundation on which effective planning and forecasting is built. Just having a forecast alone is not sufficient, the business needs to compare various alternative scenarios to select the optimum plan to execute and to go onto track and report on Performance vs Forecast on an ongoing basis.

Exit Readiness

Being ‘Exit Ready’ is not something to work on when preparing to exit, it is the optimum way to run a business.

Providing clarity on the appropriate valuation methodology and being able to track and forecast business value is just the start.

The best time to prepare for Financial Due Diligence is today… What would your business look like to a potential buyer, it takes time to make changes so the sooner you start the better the chance of success.